The Professor, a.k.a. Bill Pryor, offers to the public his collection of arcane paraphernalia. The Catalog, being a compendium of said illusions, is available upon request, or may be downloaded in PDF format. Below is a sampling of the wares, guaranteed to astound your friends, and confound all others! The complete list of prestidigitation may also be perused online.

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The Impossible Dream

Our Customer's favorite trick, A sell-out at many conventions for the past five years.

With no sleight-of-hand, a $2 bill is folded and, when unfolded, changes into two $1 bills. The Two ones are then unfolded and changed into a $5 bill. Complete with four real bills, ready to work and self contained.

Postage Paid $25.00


Three medium size dice are dumped from a cloth bag. One at a time, two of the dice are picked up and tossed into the other hand. The third die is placed into the pocket. The magician wiggles his thumb of the hand holding the dice - explaining that this will cause the die in the pocket to join the two in the hand. Upon opening the hand, there are three dice, but the third is smaller than the other two. The magician explains he didn't wiggle his thumb enough and he will repeat the process.

Again, one at a time, he tosses a regular die and the smaller die into his other hand. The thumb is wiggled much more than before. Upon opening the hand, he now has a very large die along with the regular and smaller dice.

Five quality dice in a velvet pull-string bag, with instructions.

Postage Paid $10.50




Three cards, a Three cards, a Porky Pig (B) and two Daffy Duck (A) cards are shown. the two Daffy Duck (A) cards are turned face down. ALL three cards are turned twice and now all three cards are faced down. Turned, they are now all Daffy Duck cards. Porky is revealed to be in the pocket.

Glossy print cards and instructions included.

Postage Paid $3.50

We regret to inform that Prof. Pryor's Pain Killer ®, can no longer be legally delivered by U.S. Post. However, all other offerings are guaranteed to be appropriate for the entertainment of minors and spinsters in all 50 States.

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